May 2020 Volume LV Number 3


Media Mix

September 2019 Volume LIV Number 5

 AAPD President Discusses Latest Guidance on Anesthesia
June 10, 2019
AAPD President Dr. Kevin Donly was interviewed by Cat Ferguson of Bay Area News in regards to newly released guidelines issued by both the AAPD and American Academy of Pediatrics.
In newly released guidelines, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, in conjunction with the American Academy of Pediatrics, recommends that two people credentialed to administer anesthesia be present in the room any time a child is deeply sedated.
According to the article, "It’s a divergence from the positions of industry groups like the California Dental Association, which has argued that requiring two people qualified to administer anesthesia would make it harder for kids to get needed dental care. Current Cali- fornia law allows credentialed dentists and oral surgeons to anesthe- tize children under 13 if they have two assistants present, and one of them is certified to provide pediatric life support in an emergency."
"Every state has their own rules, which really complicates things," said Kevin Donly, president of the pediatric dentistry group. "We’re recommending you have that extra person who’s a true expert in anesthesia, and also life support in children, really concentrating on the kid’s vital signs to make sure everything’s going smoothly." Donly said many people can be qualified to give anesthesia—it doesn’t have to be a doctor.
Little Teeth Truths: Back to School Oral Health Tips for Parents
June 13, 2019
Immediate Past President Dr. Joe Castellano addressed when a child should stop using a pacifier.
"The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) recom- mends that children stop using a pacifier by age three or younger," says Joe Castellano, D.D.S., immediate past president of the AAPD. "Prolonged use of the pacifier can cause changes in occlusion and facial development for the child." Basically, if your child continues to use a pacifier past the age of three, it could affect their dental health.
AAPD Addresses New Sedation Guidelines with
June 25, 2019
AAPD President Dr. Kevin Donly spoke with Theresa Pablos, associate editor, regarding the new sedation guidelines published in Pediatrics. In addition, she wanted to learn more about what dentists need to know as a result.
AAPD in New York Magazine
June 27, 2019
AAPD President Dr. Kevin Donly was interviewed by Lauren Ro for a story on how to take better care of your teeth as part of Teeth Week at the Strategist.
According to the story:
Kevin Donly, president of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, agrees. "I recommend that parents begin to brush their children’s teeth as soon as the very first tooth erupts," he says, even if it’s just one tooth. "Although there might not be a great chance of a cavity because the saliva cleanses that lone standing tooth, we still want to get that bacteria off it so you don’t see any early demineralization or breakdown of that enamel,"
he explains.
Media Training 2019
On June 28-29, 2019, 13 spokespeople were trained in Chicago to address a variety of topics within pediatric dentistry, ranging from sedation to behavior guidance to silver diamine fluoride. Trainees included Drs. Kevin Donly, Jessica Lee, Amr Moursi, Nick Rogers, Carlos Bertot, Deven Shroff, Marcio Guelmann, Natalie Mansour, Marilia Montero-Fayad, Barrett Peters, Jeffrey Rhodes, Julia Richman and Brittaney Hill.
Presenters Dr. Robin Wright (AAPD) and Dick Helton, Morning Show Host and Senior Political Correspondent with KNX1070, CBS Newsradio, provided insights on how to best approach the media, especially when controversial issues arise.
Front row from left to right: Dr. John Rutkauskas; Dr. Brittaney Hill; Dr. Julia Richman; Dr. Natalie Mansour; Dr. Jeffrey Rhodes; Dr. Deven Shroff; Dr. Jessica Lee;
Dr. Marcio Guelmann; Erika Hoeft and Dr. Marilia Montero-Fayad
Back row from left to right: Dick Helton; Dr. Barrett Peters; Dr. Carlos Bertot; Dr. Amr Moursi; Dr. Kevin Donly; Dr. Nick Rogers and Dr. Robin Wright.

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