September 2020 Volume LV Number 5


A Message from Your President

Together We Will Get Through This

July 2020 Volume LV Number 4

 To all of you my dear colleagues, friends—my AAPD family. Before March 2020, I had thought I would be writ- ing about all the great things we would do together in the upcoming year. But, then, COVID-19 came into our lives and for such a small little virus it has wreaked havoc on our lives, our practices and our profession. So, as many of us are working our way through this pandemic, I cannot help but wonder: Is it OK to be too aspirational on the great things we will do? Is it OK to make great life, practice and career plans? At some low points, we even wondered if it was OK to laugh? The answer is YES, absolutely. Not only is it OK, but it’s imperative. As pediatric dentists, we have done our part. We need to recognize that we have done so much good in midst of a pandemic. We have offered up our precious PPE, which several hospitals report was a game changer. In the midst of something so uncertain, we got up every day and went into our offices to see dental emergencies to keep the rooms in our emergency departments open for the COVID 19 patients. We have played a vital role in flattening the curve by adhering to social distancing guidelines and stay at home orders. And, yes, this has come at great price to many. That cannot be underscored enough. We have made sacrifices for the greater good. I have never been more proud to be a pediatric dentist.
But now, as we are emerging on the other side, we are getting back to what many call the new normal. We are safely reopening our offices getting back to what we do best…taking care of children! It does feel good to start seeing the kids again. Yes, so much has changed in the last few months but much is also the same. We are still
a great profession that can aspire to do great things. One of my great tasks coming into this year was to make committee/council appointments. Last year, we heard a lot from the early career pediatric dentist/millennials group about how to get involved. Their commitment, passion and commitment were evident so in June 2019 I set a goal of getting ECPDs more involved beyond just one committee. Thanks to some recommendations from that committee, we implemented a new council/committee application process. We had nearly 100 inquiries, which was both exciting and challenging. We were able to place most of the volunteers. Others were asked to get involved with their local, state and district groups. I am proud to say that for the 2020-2021 year, every council/committee has an early career pediatric dentist on it. They were not selected because they are early career pediatric dentists, but because they were the best qualified for the job. This is your AAPD!
As we navigate the next few weeks/months/year, I ask for your help. Now more than ever we need everyone to be involved in the AAPD, from the early career pediatric dentists to the past presidents of this great Academy. We have been dealt a huge challenge by COVID-19. But I know that we will overcome this challenge and we will do it together. Together, as AAPD family, we’ll address the issues that rise, advocate, educate and we will overcome. We will not let this virus define who we are and what we do best. We are pediatric dentists. We are expertly trained. We are optimistic. We are compassionate. We are resilient. More than we ever thought we could be. I started by asking the question about whether we can be aspirational, and the answer is yes. You, your families and especially the children we serve are worth it, so no challenge is too great! Together we will get through this."

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