September 2020 Volume LV Number 5


A Message from Your CEO

Chief Executive Officer's Annual Report to Membership

July 2020 Volume LV Number 4

This report is also available in PDF format on the AAPD website Resource Center under Member.

A Special July PDT
Normally this issue is devoted to highlights and photos from the recent Annual Session. Attendees at the Annual Session also receive a copy of the CEO’s Annual Report. Given the cancellation of the Nashville Annual Session, this report is being provided via the July PDT.
An Unprecedented Challenge
I salute the dedication, courage and heart shown by our members around the country, and the staff of the AAPD who have rallied to help our members and the children they treat during this national crisis.
The COVID-19 pandemic has generated a tidal wave of economic burdens across all industries, including non-profit associations like the AAPD. The AAPD, like many other medical and dental associations, incurred a significant financial loss due to the cancellation of an annual meeting this year—in our case AAPD 2020 in
Nashville. In addition, I had to make the heartbreaking decision to let go almost 20 percent of our staff, while shifting many of their responsibilities to those who continue to work on your behalf. Due to the revenue loss as Annual Session registration fees are refunded, we have needed to draw down nearly $2 million from investment reserves to cover our operating expenses. I do want to acknowledge those 44 generous members who opted to contribute their registration fee to the AAPD rather than request a refund.
Our dedication to our AAPD membership will not waiver. We are here for you! We intend to continue to offer you the resources you need to maintain your professional goals, starting with NashVirtual.
We look forward to a time where we can again connect our members in person. You have my personal commitment that we will do our best to continue to deliver virtual CE opportunities to you in a cost-effective manner.

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