November 2020 Volume LV Number 6


AAPD Foundation

July 2020 Volume LV Number 4

 With national unemployment reaching historic highs, the AAPD Foundation’s ability to continue support for under- served children nationwide has never been more important. As the philanthropic extension of pediatric dentistry, the COVID-19 disruption has created an access-to-care challenge that no one could have predicted entering 2020. The good news is, thanks to the generosity of our members, the AAPD Foundation remains well positioned to fulfill its mission pro- moting initiatives supporting Dental Homes for all children.
The Academy and Foundation recognized days into the disruption that availability of personal protective equip- ment (PPE) was going to be a significant barrier to care when dentistry re-emerged around the country. Building on, and in support of, the Academy’s efforts to open PPE channels for our members, the Foundation acted to ensure kids get the care they need so preventable conditions don’t escalate to emergencies further straining an already over-burdened medical delivery system.
In May 2020, the Foundation Board allocated up to $1.6 million to support PPE access for AAPD members and for the development of a public education campaign. This campaign will emphasize dental offices are safe and child oral health care is essential health care. The campaign, which will include re- sources members can use in their offices, will feature social media and direct-to-consumer outreach.
We all are still coming to terms with the lasting effects of the outbreak. However, our donors are the reason the AAPD Founda- tion will continue to promote initiatives supporting dental homes for all children. Throughout the COVID-19 disruption, the Founda- tion has maintained its commitments to all active grant recipi- ents providing dental care for underserved children. In addition, the Foundation Board of Trustees on May 16, 2020, approved $200,000 in new grants that it will issue in July. It also moved up its access-to-care application process by four months to respond to anticipated increased need among the Foundation’s grantee community.
The AAPD 2020 NashVirtual marked the end of the Foundation’s governance year and the beginning of a new one. Drs. Kevin Donly and Neophytos Savide concluded their terms as members of the Foundation Board, with Dr. Savide retiring as Foundation Past President. Dr. Nick Rogers completed his term as AAPD Foundation President. We are grateful to all for their service.
I am pleased to report Dr. Charles Czerepak has been elected AAPD Foundation President. Our full 2020-21 AAPD Foundation Board of Trustees consists of:
Dr. Charles Czerepak, President 
Dr. Teresa Fong, Vice President 
Dr. Douglas Keck, Treasurer
Dr. Oariona Lowe, Secretary
Dr. Nick Rogers, Immediate Past President
Dr. Jessica Lee, AAPD President
Dr. Jeannie Beauchamp, AAPD President Elect
Dr. John Rutkauskas, Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Shari Kohn
Dr. Kerry Maguire 
Dr. James Nickman 
Dr. Mario Ramos 
Dr. Deven Shroff
Mr. Kenneth Thomalla 
Mr. Kevin Thomas
Thank you for your support of the AAPD Foundation and for all you do to serve children in your communities. 
Vice President of Development and Charitable Programs Paul Amundsen 
Development and Marketing Manager Michelle Hidalgo
Grants and Programs Assistant Jasmine Williams

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