May 2020 Volume LV Number 3


AAPD Predoctoral Chapter Spotlight

March 2020 Volume LV Number 2

 The AAPD Student Chapter at New York University College of Dentistry
AAPD Student Chapter at NYU College of Dentistry
Chapter Presidents Jenna Freda (‘21) and Kimia Pouyafar (‘20)
The AAPD student chapter at New York University College of Dentistry has had a successful academic year thus far. The student chapter consists of 203 members who partici- pate in chapter events. This year, 52 students applied for AAPD membership, which is sub- sidized by the NYU Department of Pediatrics. Kimia Pouyafar and Jenna Freda, the chapter presidents, have been committed to the club’s mission to educate colleagues about pediatric dentistry and engage those who are interested in exploring more opportunities in the field. Please feel free to follow our Instagram ac- count, @nyupedsclub to stay updated on NYU’s chapter!
Races for Faces Event
On Sunday, Sept. 15, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry NYU chapter teamed up with American Student Dental Association at NYU to volunteer for Races for Faces at Randall’s Island Park. This annual walk and carnival are organized by myFace, a non-profit founded to "address the all too visible plight of those with facial differences
by assuring them access to comprehensive and highly personalized team care at The MyFace Center at the Hansjörg Wyss Department of Plastic Surgery at NYU Langone Medical Center." By volunteering at Races for Faces, students from the chapter gain exposure to dif- ferent populations, learn how to interact with families affected by craniofacial differences, and help the children have some fun for the day. Third-year student Sarah Tavares recalled of the experience, "Volunteering with Races
for Faces was an incredibly eye-opening experi- ence. In our clinics, it is not often that we work with patients who have craniofacial disorders  so attending an outreach and seeing first hand the individuals and families affected was very humbling. Most of the participants were just appreciative that people were taking the time  to listen to them, which is something that can sometimes be lost in the craziness that is clinic. This experience reinforced how interpersonal relationships with patients can be just as important as the clinical work." Students from NYU had a great time helping with the carnival games, marshaling the walk route, face paint- ing, and everything in between, helping run a successful event at Randall’s Island Park.
This unique opportunity supports myFace’s provision of medical, dental, speech, and psy- chosocial services set in place to help patients and their families live full and productive lives. More information on this organization can be found on their website at https://www.myface. org/.

Halloween and Thanksgiving
This fall season, the NYUCD AAPD chap- ter in-reach members coordinated two fun- filled holiday in-reach events at the NYUCD Pediatric Clinic. Students had the opportunity to spend time with pediatric patients in the waiting room before their appointments. The Halloween in-reach was full of spooky and fun crafts like trick-or-treating bags and face masks. Patients loved making crafts and being creative while waiting for the dental visit. The Thanks- giving in-reach put smiles on the children’s faces as they prepared creative turkey decora- tions for their Thanksgiving tables. They were extremely proud of their creations and couldn’t wait to have them displayed at their Thanksgiv- ing dinners.

South Bronx Academy Outreach
On Friday Nov. 8, several members of the pediatric club and ASDA performed Dental Health Screenings and applied fluoride varnish on the underserved community attending South Bronx Academy. The pediatrics club will be hosting more outreaches next semester as well, focusing on underserved communities in our local areas around the school.
Lunch and Learn with Dr. Feldman
On Wednesday, December 4th, NYU’s chapter of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry along with Generation Smile hosted a lunch and learn presented by Dr. Feldman, NYU College of Dentistry’s Pediatric Postdoctoral Director. Dr. Feldman spoke with club members about the importance of interpro- fessional collaboration in the dental setting. Students learned the importance of interpro- fessional communication and its role in the pediatric dental field. We discussed examples of other healthcare professionals whom one would collaborate with in the field of pediatric dentistry. Dr. Feldman presented various cases, allowing for an educational and interactive discussion.
In spring 2020, we look forward to continu- ing our traditions and hosting more opportuni- ties for colleagues to gain exposure to pediatric dentistry. We will be hosting Dr. Pereira, a clinical faculty of NYU’s Pediatric department, to speak about life in private practice. One of our most attended events is our annual resident panel where the NYU Pediatric residents speak about life during residency as well as with the differences between residency and dental school. An original event, which we wish to make an annual tradition, is our upcoming D4 panel. During this event, fourth-year students will discuss the application and interview pro- cess for residency for those planning on pursu- ing the field. We will have our annual holiday bake sale fundraiser, where the proceeds are donated to UNICEF.
The club will also be participating in the annual Give Kids a Smile event in February 2020, and the Special Olympics in June of 2020.
A unique opportunity that we are offered as NYU dental students, is to be able to network with the pediatric dental residents at NYU. Lastly, we plan to host our social event in the spring which allows residents and students to network and talk about the career. We look forward to continuing our annual events and allowing students interested in the career of pediatric dentistry to be able to network and learn as much as possible during their time as dental students.

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