May 2021 Volume LVI Number 3


AAPD 2021

November 2020 Volume LV Number 6

 Preconference Course: Pediatric Medicine Update

Scientific Program
Pharmacology and Pain Control: Karen Baker Trauma Guideline Update: Anne O’Connell
Immune Health in the Era of Pandemics: Tieraona Low Dog
AAP Section: Structural Racism & Child Health, How Pediatric Dentists Can Address and Ameliorate the Effects of Racism on Children and Adolescents
Addressing Systemic Racism and Its Impact in Dentistry and Building the Right Treatment Plan: Laila Hishaw, Jaha Howard, Paula Coates, Karan Estwick
Rethinking ECC in the Era of Precision Medicine: Novel Clinical Insights Gained from Human Genome, Oral Microbiome, and Machine Learning Applications: Kimon Divaris
Dental Benefits Symposium
Coffee Clutch: Networking Rounds for Office Staff Screen Time and Its Effects: Michael Rich
Speed Learning: Back to Basics, Peg Laterals and Impacted Canines: John Taylor Nutrition Update for the Dental Team: Tieraona Low Dog
Bioactive Materials: Gerard Kugel International Oral Presentations
Safe Sedation for the Pediatric Dental Practice: Jason Maynes Early Career Dental Course
Learning Labs


String of Pearls
AAPD Abstract Submission Deadline
Jan. 15, 2021
Graduate Student Research Awards (GSRA)
My Kid’s Dentist & Orthodontics Research Poster Competition
Sunstar Research Fellowship
International Oral Presentations
The AAPD recognizes the importance of research that is taking place globally and wants to offer an opportunity for these international colleagues to share their knowledge. The Academy is seek- ing oral presentations from pediatric dentists outside of North America to give a 15-minute presentation on their research at AAPD 2021 in Boston. In this format, each presenter will bring a single idea or concept and will share it with the audience. One winner will be selected for a monetary prize. Submit your abstract today, the deadline is Jan. 15, 2021. For additional information, contact Meet- ing Services Manager Caroline Oliva at

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