September 2020 Volume LV Number 5


Legislative and Regulatory Update

September 2020 Volume LV Number 5

AAPD Appropriations Priorities Achieved in FY 2021 House Report: $12 Million for Pediatric Dentistry Training and Support for Fair and Reasonable Medicaid Dental Audits
The AAPD is pleased that our FY 2021 federal appropriations and report language priorities fared well in the U.S. House Ap- propriations Committee report related to Labor-HHS-Education, H. Report 116-450, that was approved by the subcommittee and full committee and released on July 15, 2020.1 This success is due to the hard work of AAPD’s Congressional Liaisons (Drs. Heber Simmons, Jr., Warren A. Brill, and Jade Miller), attendees at the AAPD’s 2020 Pediatric Oral Health Advocacy Conference in Washington, D.C., and our D.C. lobbying firm Hogan Lovells. Specific Congressional report language is as follows:
Support for $12 million for Title VII Pediatric Dentistry, and Pediatric Dentistry Faculty Loan Repayment:
Oral Health Training
Oral Health Training and Dental Faculty Loan Repayment Pro- gram—Within the total for Oral Health Training, the Committee includes not less than $12,000,000 for General Dentistry Programs and not less than $12,000,000 for Pediatric Dentistry Programs. The Committee directs HRSA to provide continuation funding for section 748 Dental Faculty Loan Program (DFLRP) grants initially awarded in fiscal years 2016, 2017, and 2018. The Committee continues to support DFLRP awards with a preference for pediatric dentistry faculty supervising dental students or residents and providing clinical services in dental clinics located in dental schools, hospitals, and community-based affiliate sites. (p. 45)
Support for Greater Authority for the HRSA Chief Dental Officer:
Chief Dental Officer—The Com- mittee is pleased that HRSA has restored the position of Chief Den- tal Officer (CDO) and looks forward to learning how the agency has ensured that the CDO is function- ing at an executive level authority with resources and staff to oversee and lead all oral health programs and initiatives across HRSA. The Committee requests an update by February 2021 on how the CDO is serving as the agency representa- tive with executive level authority on oral health issues to interna- tional, national, State and/or local government agencies, universities, and oral health stakeholder organi- zations. (p. 60)
Support for Fair and Reasonable Medicaid Dental Audits:
Medicaid Dental Audits—The Committee raised concerns in House Report 116–62 that failure to use professional guidelines or established state Medicaid manual parameters in the auditing pro- cess can result in inaccurate and unreasonable Medicaid dental au- dits, negatively impacting dentist participation in the program and patient access to care. While State Medicaid agencies (SMA) have significant responsibility in manag- ing provider audits, the Commit- tee believes that as part of CMS oversight of the Medicaid program it is appropriate to issue guidance to SMAs concerning best practices in dental audits and offer training in such practices. The Committee urges CMS to develop such guid- ance for SMAs, in collaboration with the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and American Dental Association, and report to the Committee within 90 days of enactment of this Act on steps taken to develop such guidance. (p. 168)
Support for Filling the Chief Dental Officer Position at CMS:
Chief Dental Officer—The Com- mittee is concerned that the Chief Dental Officer position at CMS has been vacant since October 2017, leaving a significant gap of clinical oral health expertise within CMS. Medicaid provides oral health ser- vices to millions of people across the country, including vulnerable populations such as children, preg- nant women, and disabled adults. A licensed dentist clinician is an invaluable resource to CMS’s grow- ing oral health strategy to expand access to care. The Committee urges CMS to move forward with filling this vacancy. (p. 162)
HRSA Announces 27 Title VII FY 2020 Grants for Postdoctoral Training in Pediatric, General, and Public Health Dentistry
The AAPD is pleased that the federal Health Resources and Services Administra- tion (HRSA) has awarded 27 Title VII FY 2020 grants to enhance postdoctoral dental residency training programs in rural communities and for under-served populations. Title VII funding is the AAPD’s top federal appropriations priority. Over the past 20 years Title VII has led to significant expansion of and quality improvement in pediatric dentistry residency programs. The FY 2020 grants were focused on program outreach to rural and under-served communities, rather than program expansion, based on AAPD’s recommendations that were guided by the 2019 pediatric dentistry workforce report commissioned by the AAPD.
Six awards were directed solely to pediatric dentistry programs, and another ten include pediatric dentistry in collaboration with general dentistry and dental public health. These are indicated in bold. HRSA awarded a total of $13,004,548, with $8,092,627 supporting pediatric dentistry.

The 27 awardees are:
University Of California, Los Angeles
La Maestra Family Clinic, Inc.
Regents Of The University Of California, San Francisco
Howard University, Inc.
Variety Children’s Hospital d/b/a Nicklaus Children’s Hospital
Nova Southeastern University, Inc. The University Of Iowa
University Of Illinois
President And Fellows Of Harvard College
Trustees Of Boston University
University Of Mississippi Medical Center
East Carolina University
Erie County Medical Center Corp.
New York University 
Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York
New York University Langone Hospitals
New York City Health And Hospitals Corporation
Mercy Health Youngstown LLC
The Ohio State University
The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania
The Wright Center Medical Group Wellspan Health
Christ Community Health Services, Inc.
The Texas A&M University System Health Science Center
University Of Texas Health Science Center Of San Antonio
Carilion Medical Center
University Of Washington
Further details of these awards can be found at grants. Click on Program Name, scroll down to and select, Postdoctoral Training in General, Pediatric and Public Health Dentistry. Then click on Year and select 2020.

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