September 2020 Volume LV Number 5


Feature Story

Nearly 5,000 Members Respond to AAPD/AAPD Foundation KN95 Mask Initiative

September 2020 Volume LV Number 5

 In the largest single commitment in its 33-year history, the AAPD Foundation allocated up to $1.6 million to provide all AAPD members with one 50-count box supply of KN95 masks, in a joint collaboration between the Academy, the AAPD Foun- dation and Henry Schein, Inc. As part of Henry Schein’s com- mitment to help enhance access to care for vulnerable popula- tions, including children, Henry Schein provided these masks to the AAPD Foundation at its cost of acquisition and distribution.
At press time, nearly 5,000 Active, Affiliate and Life members have ordered masks thanks to this initiative.
"Personal protection equipment [PPE] availability should not be a barrier to child dental care," said AAPD President Dr. Jessica Lee. "That’s why we are grateful to Henry Schein for helping make these masks available to our members, without financial gain, and to the Foundation for underwriting this important access-to-care effort."
The AAPD Foundation’s provision of critical PPE for AAPD mem- bers is an extension of its access-to-care mission. The AAPD Foundation purchased the KN95 masks, including paying sales tax and shipping; the AAPD managed the ordering logistics for its members; and Henry Schein leveraged its supply chain network to provide implementation assistance at its cost.
"The Academy and Foundation wanted to make sure there were as few delays as possible in children receiving the care they need," said Foundation President Dr. Charles Czerepak. "Henry Schein’s quick response to offer essential supplies helped prevent disruptions in patient care that can help pre- vent treatable cases from turning into emergencies."
While manufacturers, suppliers and distributors continue face unprecedented demand, coupled with supply chain gaps worldwide, Henry Schein understands the Academy member’s front-line role in providing care to our nation’s children and the need to ensure this workforce’s protection.
Member response was instant, with the Academy receiving more than 3,200 orders within the first 24 hours of the KN95 announcement. Once the mask deliveries began, members posted their gratitude via social media and in communications with the AAPD:
"Having the support and assistance from our Academy and its Foundation is outstanding and speaks to the true concern they have for their members."
–  Illinois Society of Pediatric Dentists
"Fortunately, it turned out that our office has an adequate supply of PPE at this time so I donated my 50 masks to the Marin Community Clinic. Thank you for all of your efforts."
– California AAPD member
"A big THANK YOU on behalf of all the Idaho pediatric dentists who benefitted from your efforts."
– Idaho Society of Pediatric Dentistry
This collaboration is part of the Acad- emy’s broader effort to provide resources to ensure practice readiness and safe, comprehensive care. The Academy in April released a guide for re-opening practices and it continues its work with local, state and federal government agencies to ensure they recognize chil- dren’s oral health care as essential health care.
"Our members are valuable community child advocates who not only provide quality dental care, but can help test for and prevent the future spread of CO- VID-19 and other infectious diseases," Dr. Lee said.
In addition to access to KN95 masks, the Foundation’s $1.6 million commitment will help fund the development of a public education campaign emphasizing dental office safety, and help raise aware- ness about the importance of access to oral health care for children. The cam- paign will feature social media, direct-to-consumer outreach, and materials for member use in their practices.
"The receptiveness and enthusiasm of the Henry Schein team has been tremen- dous," said Academy and Foundation CEO Dr. John Rutkauskas. "They went the extra mile to help us ensure dentists treating kids had KN95 masks available to them as they re-opened their practices."
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