March 2021 Volume LVI Number 2


AAPD Foundation

January 2021 Volume LVI Number 1

Meet our Dental Home Heroes from KidSMILES
AAPD Foundation grantee KidSMILES Pediatric Dental Clinic in Columbus, Ohio, is one of our Dental Home Heroes who goes the extra mile every day to provide dental care to children in need, according to two happy moms.
"KidSMILES has been wonderful for my children. I recently had lost my job and insurance and my children were in desperate need of dental work. Without hesita- tion they took us in to help me with the kids dental issues right away. If you have no insurance, they offer hygiene care and restorative work with a $40 payout cap per family. It's amaz- ing and they are so kind and respectful. It’s unreal how fantas- tic they are, and their receptionist Melinda is amazing. Thank you so much for all you have done."
– KidSMILES parent
"As a family new to the area and starting our family business, it has been wonderful to have my children's dental needs cared for at an incredible price. Scheduling has been easy and quick, the staff are very kind and accommodating, and the service has been impeccable. My boys have had cavities filled and have felt no fear and the process has been very efficient – under an hour for both boys! They look forward to every appointment and we are so encouraged by the giving hearts of the dentists and assistants that lend their time to help others in need!"
– KidSMILES parent
From the President
We are committed to ensuring all children have a Dental Home!
This month we are putting the spotlight on our Dental Home Heroes across the country. We award grants each year to organiza- tions that help make an impact on children's oral health and their communities.
Our grantees are Dental Home Heroes because they provide care to children from families who cannot afford dental care and go the extra mile for their patients. Our grantees have definitely earned hero status! They understand that it is important to not only provide the services needed to have optimal oral health but to also teach their patients the importance of healthy dental habits because dental care is essential care.
Do you have a Dental Home Hero you want to nominate? Nominate the hero in your community by using the hashtag #DentalHomeHeroes on social media for a chance to be featured!
Give hope to children in need of a Dental Home and give now to help award grants to clinics like KidSMILES in Columbus, Ohio, who help their community both inside and outside the clinic.
We are grateful for all volunteers, dental professionals, and supporters who have #BigLoveforLittleTeeth!
Dr. Charles S. Czerepak AAPD Foundation President

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