September 2021 Volume LVI Number 5


Resident Recognition Award Winners

July 2013 Volume XLVIX Number 4

The AAPD Pediatric Dental Residents Committee has developed the "Resident Recognition Award" to recognize dental residents doing innovative and interesting activities in their training program. This award is offered quarterly and the winning resident is awarded $100.


This years winners and their winning entrees are:

Richard Baxter


Residency Program: The Ohio State University/Nationwide Childrens Hospital Category: Community and Public Service


Dr. Baxter, his wife, and a team of dentists travelled to Southeast Asia with an organization called mPower. The purpose of their trip was to train community health workers called "Barefoot Doctors" to provide preventive and basic dental care to people in remote areas. The goal is for the "Barefoot Doctors" to take their skills, knowledge, and instruments back to their homeland to care for their adults and children in their communities, many of whom have never previously seen a dentist. This trip allowed sustainable oral health care delivery to underserved populations as each trainee will travel back to his or her home to provide care.


Richard found the trip to be eye-opening by allowing him to better understand the burden of global dental disease. He hopes to return for a follow-up visit in the coming years and plans to continue working with mPower.


Sophie (Ela) Jamiolkowski


Residency Program: Mount Sinai Hospital and Medical Center Category: Community and Public Service


Dr. Jamiolkowski has developed many innovative initiatives at Mount Sinai Hospital and Medical Center (MSHMC) and in the surrounding community. In her first year, she secured a grant through the National Assembly of School Based Health Centers to bring oral health care to the underserved elementary school population in Spanish Harlem. The goal of the program is to complete an intraoral screening and fluoride application for all children in the four Mount Sinai affiliated schools. To make this sustainable, the program included lectures, seminars and hands-on experience for medical residents and school based health center staff so that they may continue to perform screenings and fluoride application. As part of the House Staff Council, she organized a hospital-wide Resident Day of Service in which volunteers painted a local school. Residents spent their day painting playgrounds and stairwells in order to make the school a more enjoyable place for its students. Outside of Mount Sinai, Ela is part of the Junior Committee of the Inner-City Scholarship Fund. This is a group of young professionals that provides hands-on support to elementary school students, such as tutoring sessions for underprivileged students

Carmen Lammeier

Residency Program: University of Minnesota Category: Research

Dr. Lammeier has an outstanding devotion to improving early secondary caries detection in children.  She examined a new near infrared imaging system that was designed for clinical use in children using non-ionizing radiation. She examined how to optimize dental composite materials to improve subsurface early caries detection.

Through hard work in her first year, she presented at the Minnesota Dental Association, Star of the North meeting, and the Minnesota Academy of Pediatric Dentistry meeting, and AAPD meeting in San Diego. Her first author manuscript was accepted for publication by the Journal of Biomedical Optics: "The Influence of Dental Resin Material Composition on CP-OCT Imaging, " J Biomed Opt 17(10), 106002 (October 2012) She has been an outstanding ambassador of "quality research aimed to improve the future health of children" in the State of Minnesota.



Patrick Knoell


Residency Program: Louisiana State University Category: Teaching and Education


"What are Brushfield spots? Syndromes on Sight for 400 please!"  Pedo Jeopardy is a quarterly game the LSUSD pediatric dentistry residents to look forward to Thursday mornings thanks to Dr. Patrick Knoell. Combining learning and fun is easy for Dr. Knoell, an enthusiastic big kid at heart, who is always looking for exciting ways to promote engaging discussions in seminar.  As chief  resident, he drew from his computer programming knowledge and designed a program known as Pedo Jeopardy. It was an instant hit among the residents. Residents now alternate between being participants and formulating creative categories and questions on topics listed in the AAPD core curriculum-reading list.