September 2021 Volume LVI Number 5


AAPD Resident Recognition Awards

July 2015 Volume L Number 4

 The AAPD Pediatric Dental Resident Committee developed the Resident Recognition Award to recognize pediatric dental residents doing innovative and interesting activities in their training programs. Selected residents are awarded with a monetary prize, featured on the AAPD website, featured in Pediatric Dentistry Today (PDT), and recognized at the awards ceremony during the annual AAPD meeting.

Nominations are reviewed by a panel of at least three reviewers from the Pediatric Dental Resident Committee, New Pediatric Dentist Committee and the Council on Membership and Membership Services.

Winners are chosen based on activities during residency that contribute to one or more of the following fields: patient care, education (i.e., teaching), research, and community service. Innovation, time commitment, and significance of service to others are the primary factors considered in the selection process.

Please join us in recognizing the two winners for the Spring/Summer cycle. 


Jacqueline Burgette

University of North Carolina

Expected Graduation 7/2015

Patient Care

Burgette made several innovative contributions to patient care during her residency training. She took a leadership role in transitioning the University of North Carolina (UNC) Department of Pediatric Dentistry to the hospital patient record system, EPIC. This included creating templates for all notes related to treating pediatric dentistry patients in the operating room. She worked with EPIC and hospital staff and administration to set up the operating room order set for pediatric dentistry cases. Burgette developed a manual to guide pediatric dentists to use EPIC, including the process of configuring EPIC notes, entering diagnoses and problems sets and creating order sets. The manual employed a checklist to delineate the processes to be completed in the pre-operative, operative, and post-operative phases. This manual was distributed to pediatric dentists in the UNC system as well as those transitioning to EPIC in the community.

Burgette spearheaded the development and implementation of written post-trauma instructions for patients treated for dental trauma at the UNC. These instructions are available as a note template in EPIC, with check boxes and fill-in sections for the dentist to easily customize to each patient.

Burgette created a chart listing sedation reversal drug doses by patient weight for easy look-up and documentation prior to drug administration for dental sedations. To aid in improving consistency in the sedation process, she also created a step-by-step guide to the process of screening and performing dental sedations at UNC.

Public Service

 In 2011, Burgette initiated UNC pediatric resident involvement in AAPD Lobby Days in Washington, D.C. During the first year, she successfully scheduled and met with congressmen during AAPD Lobby Days, included running her first meeting with Congressman Price from North Carolina under the supervision of Dr. Scott Cashion. After returning from Lobby Days, she gave a presentation to the UNC Department of Pediatric Dentistry that combined her experience at AAPD Lobby Days with pediatric oral health services information from her doctoral classes. During the second year, UNC Pediatric Dentistry invested in ongoing resident involvement at AAPD Lobby Days. Burgette coordinated congressional meetings for the residents with Cashion, and six residents participated. Currently, AAPD Lobby Days (renamed Public Policy Advocacy Conference) is an ongoing part of the UNC pediatric resident training experience.


During her combined doctoral and resident training program at UNC, Burgette has been active in research with Dr. Jessica Lee. Under her mentorship, she had a first-author cover story in the Journal of the American Dental Association in 2012. The primary finding of this study was that low-income women who were pregnant for the first time had low oral health literacy.

Burgette had a first-author publication in the Journal of Public Health Dentistry in 2013. For this manuscript, she obtained IRB approval and analyzed payor mix for pediatric dental emergencies in North Carolina. The main finding was that hospitals with a greater proportion of Medicaid patients had a greater proportion of pediatric emergency department visits that were dental-related.

In 2011, she received the AAPD Harris Fellowship, which resulted in a first-author publication in the Journal of the American Dental Association in 2013. They found high adherence to best oral health practices for infants and toddlers among states with separate Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment dental periodicity schedules with the exception of the timing of the first dentist referral.

Burgette's dissertation work with Dr. Gary Rozier is investigating the role of Early Head Start (EHS) on dental utilization, dental caries experience and oral health-related quality of life; as well as how the effect of EHS on dental utilization is modified by caregiver's dental home and caregiver's oral health literacy. 


Alexandra Malebranche


University of California San Francisco

Community and Public Service Dr. Alex Malebranche is one of UCSF's graduating third year residents. Over her three years at UCSF, Malebranche has proven herself to be dedicated to not only to the children of San Francisco, but also the children of the United States and abroad.

Malebranche is enthusiastic and thoughtful in all of her endeavors. As a first-year resident, she was eager to get involved. She traveled to the Philippines providing urgent and preventive dental care to children in the community. The trip was her third global health externship, carrying over a passion for global health and advocacy that she developed traveling and providing care in Guatemala and Cambodia while in dental school.

Malebranche has had a long history of involvement and leadership in organized dentistry. She served as a contributing editor to the American Student Dental Association, writing constantly to reach ASDA's 18,000 members through print and digital media. She continued her involvement in organized dentistry with the California Society of Pediatric Dentists to serve as Warren Brandli intern to the executive board and the CSPD Foundation. Malebranche served the board providing insight on the interests of residents, while learning more about public policy, advocacy and communication through leadership and writing. Her internship culminated in her participation in the AAPD Public Policy Advocacy conference, where she grew and found her voice as an advocate for the children of California. 

During her second year, she traveled to Cambodia for the second time. After this trip, Malebranche decided to focus her efforts at home and abroad on prevention. She began her research project in Roatan, Honduras evaluating the effects and efficiency of a caries prevention program. For her research she has worked alongside UCSF physicians, local nurses, an NGO based in Honduras, and local government officials. She is using her data to create a protocol to make the low cost fluoride varnish oral health prevention program more efficient and wide reaching. Her decision to research and improve such a program is a testament to her dedication to low income and underserved children.

As a third year, she was selected as a Global Clinical Scholar and participated in the Global Health Pathway program in the UCSF School of Medicine. As a global clinic scholar, she worked alongside students in the schools of Medicine, Nursing and Pharmacy as the only representative from the School of Dentistry. The scholars studied and researched health issues and their impact on the society, policies and environments of various international communities.

While she has taken on these larger projects, she has continued to mentor pre-doctoral students. Directing and teaching a seminar course on the basics of pediatric dentistry. She also works alongside the Student Society of Pediatric Dentistry planning and attending local outreach events throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Malebranche has been incredibly consistent in her interests. Continuing to develop her academic and curricular pursuits from her undergraduate and graduate studies in public health at UPenn and the Mailman School of Public Health, to her service work during dental school in the Harlem community, to her growing passion and consistent pursuit in developing and educating herself as an advocate for the oral health of children is worthy of recognition. Throughout her three years as a resident at UCSF, Malebranche has accomplished so much.  

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